Freaky is fun

Get over yourself and start living.
Man up allready !

I’m doing good on the Cut ! It’s all in my mind. I just have ro remind myself of that when i crave food.

I just put bananas in the freezer, for banana icecream ! Without a doubt a favorite !!!

This is all the food I ate today 1516 calories. Bikini body come soon !

Boxing rocks !

Today so far. Breakfast smoothie, walk, bought fruit, flipped the bird. Had awesome lunch…. But still freaking sick ! Damnit ! I’ll be in my couch today if anyone needs me !

I was awesome in the gym this morning. Now I relax in my couch before boxing practise tonight.

sushidynasty asked: Hi Darlin, I was thinking about going vegan but at the moment I am just collecting info. Would you mind giving me some pro's and con's about the lifestyle from your point of view? It would be much appreciated :)




  • You’ll realise that a lot of people are complete dicks to vegans, regardless of how polite you try to be.